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Ipsomark executive management are all extremely knowledgeable regarding the industry and boast with track records and deep understanding of the friction materials business , its challenges and its opportunities .

They are confident that they will continue to maintain the pioneering and innovative roles that Ipsomark has come to be known for by all in this industry.

The company and its management have a passion for responsible business , excellence , affordability of their products to all customers and clients.

Job creation remains a central theme of the companies business principles .

ipsomark 100 years experince brake linings and moulded friction roll


Management and staff have a total of over 100 years of experience within the friction
materials business.

There is a large skills base within the company that informs intimate and indepth understanding of product applications and the use value thereof for customer benefit. Sangster is currently working with Toyota South Africa which will be of great value to not only Ipsomark but the friction industry as a whole.

Ipsomark have 2 main distributors of our products , one being Dass Distributors in Kwazulu Natal and Algoa Friction in Port Elizabeth.

Ipsomark is also in negotiations of taking on another distributor for our imported products which will enhance the sales of our products as well as to be able to have our products sold in every province of the country.

The team at Ipsomark is capable of flawlessly executing any task within the broad categories of its mandate and general goals and objectives.

We are capable of undertaking management assignments , scientific investigations , strategic consulting , product utilization and business efficiency processes on behalf of our clients within any area of our business.

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