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Mr. Douglas Sangster Duncan (age 62)

Sangster is regarded and known as the doyen of this industry , locally and in the global market place .He has pioneered a significant number of improvements and developments within the forward integration of this trade sector and is recognized by his peers for the tremendous contribution he has made towards this aspect of the automotive friction industry.He has been within the industry for a period of 42 years.

Sangster , joined his son in May 2012 to start up Ipsomark

Sangster’s reputation has earned him the respect of both small and large industry players , locally and abroad and has achieved the following :
He has established business relationships in the friction industry with factories in England, Malaysia, India, Brazil, China and Australia.

He has worked closely with overseas factories in producing friction material compatible with the South African market and market demands.

He has assisted with factory setups in India and has worked closely with China in developing the production of friction material passed by the SABS for the market in South Africa.

He has managed to secure business relationships with overseas factories.

He assisted in formulating and perfecting the moulded roll lining material that is distributed to bonders and to whinch houses who manufacture for mining.

Bonders are continually contacting him for advice as Sangster’s knowledge of the industry is such that he can always make a plan and has no qualms in sharing his vast knowledge with new and existing bonders in the market.

Mrs. Gail Margaret Duncan (age 55)

Gail (married to Douglas Sangster Duncan for 36years ) , has a total of just 34 years of experience within the broader automotive industry. Starting out in administration and operations at the Industrial Council for the Motor Industry ., In this role , she has excelled in a variety of portfolios , ranging from finance / admin , human resources , operations , sales and distribution , and executive leadership.
A natural and an inspirational leader , Gail enjoys the respect and support within the broader business community.

Mr.Clinton Sangster Duncan (age 30)

Clinton has a total of 10 years experience and has gained his knowledge of the friction industry through  hands on experience which he gained through the teachings of  his father , Sangster.
Clinton together with Sangster have excelled and currently, Clinton ,  the director of Ipsomark is learning all aspects of business in the finance and friction sectors.
Clinton in his spare time is also a well known DJ.

Miss Lauren Sangster Duncan (age 35)

Lauren has been working along side of her mother , Gail , learned the administration side of the business. Lauren currently runs and is involved in the  JVW Girls Football Club in Befordview , as well as the JVW Schools League  which has grown the football club to be one of the biggest girls only football clubs in Gauteng. The schools league is the biggest and only schools league in South Africa. Lauren is also currently the manager of our National Womans Football Team (Banyana Banyana) and is greatly respected by everyone at SAFA.

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