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Heavy Duty Brake linings (Huauto)

Brake linings and Moulded Roll friction material (SC and SCRF36)


• Brake linings
• Moulded roll lining
• Disc brake pads
• Clutch facings
• Rivets
• Bonding glue
• Specialized flat sheets/gear cuts
• Brake discs / clutch plates / brake shoes / full clutch kits/Brake drums

Distribution of O.E.M. standard brake linings and moulded friction roll

Huauto Brake Linings O.E.M

Asbestos - Free Moulded Rolls RF36 O.E.M

Super Circle Brake Linings O.E.M

Specialising Field

All Brake linings, new and old

Japanese Range


All Major Brake Lining applications, bonding glues and thinners, rivets, clutch facings, brake drums, brake shoes


Distribution of fully tubular steel and ZINC IMPREGNATED BRAKE LINING RIVETS

For heavy duty and Light duty automotive vehicles

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